I took a beginner TRE class and immediately found I slept better and had more patience at work those weeks.  When I began practicing TRE regularly  I  noticed fewer headaches and stomach aches. Huge fan of TRE!! 

J. W. Educator 

March 2018

Chavonne and her TRE instruction have been such a blessing in my life. The way she has taught me to listen to my body and how to honor it has been a huge key to my recovery progress. I know that I wouldn't  be where I am today without TRE and her help. TRE has opened so many doors for me spiritually and I couldn't have done it without her help.

Nicole G. In recovery with TRE for 4 years

July 2018

I met Chavonne 2 years ago and within 5 -10 minutes into our conversation, she was able to assess that my nervous system was not  resting.  Confused by what she meant, Chavonne went on to explain TRE (Tension/Trauma Release Exercises),  and I was intrigued.  I had  recently been diagnosed with Prostate Cancer and she suggest that I give TRE a try, and to have an open mind.  I agreed, and that was the beginning of a life changing experience. Chavonne explained by doing TRE exercises regularly that it would help with my overall physical and emotional health as I dealt with cancer.  She was 100% correct. I am grateful for Chavonne and TRE.  She has a been a blessing!

Marcus Da'vion  

July 2018

City Sisters 


3 years ago, I received Rich Sister serum from City Sisters as a gift. YES! It truly was divine! Once I put this on my face, I have never gone back to any other product. I am 52, and do not have any lines and people often comment I look under 40. My face feels incredibly, soft and supple. I do not wear make-up, because this oil somehow, seems to even my skin tone and creates a healthy glow! I do not want to EVER run out of RICH SISTER!

Christina P. Teacher

January 2018