Tension and stress turn to trauma when they overwhelm our resources to cope. We offer multiple healing modalities to reduce, eliminate and heal the stress in our busy modern lives.



Chavonne is a Credentialed K-12 Teacher, with over 20 years experience, working primarily with teens and young adults in a variety of settings including: high schools, foster care, academic recovery programs, job training and addiction treatment. She is a graduate of the CAARR Institute in addiction studies, a licensed esthetician, creator of City Sisters Skincare and DoTerra Wellness Advocate.

In teaching academics, working in recovery, or in skin care,  the theme of stress continues to show up. Unresolved stress often results in difficulty concentrating, inflammation, and memory issues. TRE provides a tool to mitigate stress and tension in all our lives. Stress can also show up in academic hurdles, a host of skin and health conditions, and as emotional challenges in personal and professional relationships.

Chavonne brings her knowledge and skill in TRE to all those she serves. Learning how to manage and reduce stress using TRE helps her clients reduce anxiety and stress, maintain long term sobriety and improve the quality of personal and professional relationships. As a long time educator, Chavonne brings her teaching gifts to every class and private session making learning TRE easy, comfortable, and safe. 



Vegan* Organic Natural Skincare 

Our products are handcrafted in small batches using quality organic vegan carrier oils and therapeutic grade essential oils, organic oats, manuka honey* and raw apple cider vinegar infused with sustainable harvested herbs. The goal of our products is to support the skin’s work of protecting and detoxing the body.

The skin is the body’s largest organ whose primary function is to protect the body and when other organs are over burdened will help out in detoxing. Emotional, biological and physical stress can result in our skin’s health being out of balance. When skin is out of balance we experience a variety of undesirable effects from rash, to discoloration, to pimples, blackheads, and premature aging. Any congestion on the skin is a message from the body that something is out of balance. City Sister products are crafted to support your skin and assist your body in maintaining health and wellness leading to fresh glowing skin that radiates beauty.






Plant Based Wellness.